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Health Benefits from Watching Horror Movies

There are some people who actually loves the cheap thrills which can be obtained from watching a scary movie. A good news to this is that watching scary movies not just stimulates out bearing, but it is beneficial to our health and our well-being as well.
These benefits however will vary on how scared you are while watching the horror movie. The more scared you become from watching it, the more carbon dioxide release, oxygen intake and the more increased your heart rate becomes.
Below are some benefits that can be obtained from it:
Calorie Burn
Based on studies that were made to 10 people who were being watched with different scary movies from this link, their heart rate, carbon dioxide output and oxygen intake were monitored. People who watched the scariest movie in fact jumped several times and they freaked out, which help them to burn calories.
Immune System Boost
There was also another study made where it shows that watching a scary movie helps in boosting the immune system for short term by increasing the blood circulation as well as the white blood cells. It likewise helps increase our body’s fight-or-flight response.
Brain Health Promotion
The flow of our emotions going up and down in our body helps to release happy hormones in our brain that includes serotonin, glutamate as well as dopamine. Such chemicals not only boosts our mood, but this likewise acts as a kind of adrenaline. Make sure to view here!
Stress Reliever
Some people may actually contradict about this matter because some people tend to think that it can cause more stress to our body. However, it can in fact eventually help us to manage and reduce our stress better. Another thing is that pumping adrenaline is also good to combat depression and anxiety. Check out some more facts about horror, go to
Learn to Face Fears
The scripts that are in scary movies are based on realistic stuffs that is able to scare people. The subjects as well as scenes also are made from the real world scenarios that can scare people easily. The fact that it's scenarios, subjects as well as situations are related to our real life fears, it can help us to develop confidence that’s stronger so we are able to face our fears.
Those who don’t feel the thrill after watching a horror movies are not able to experience the stated benefits above. When you wish to enjoy horror movies, you should feel the scare from watching it. When you also are also in search for new horror movies, there are new releases from reputable horror movie sites.